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I'm addicted to K-pop, so that's what this blog is all about. (My non-k-pop blog is nerdy-type.) This is mainly a U-KISS bias blog, but I also like EXO, Shinee, Teen Top, Infinite, Super Junior, Nu'est, BTS, Boys Republic, Fx, and B.A.P. None of the pictures or gifs I post are mine unless I specifically say they are.

About me: I'm in my 20s and I'm from the US. I work in a cubicle but I live in my own little world.

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Kiseop… what are you doing? 

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seop night^_^

なまら好きだよ (^o^)

Sapporo’s live show was really fun~~ The response from everyone from Hokkaido was really good ^^ Thank you~~ Let’s meet again!!
I love you ♡ (^o^)

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Sapporo live show ♡ 
It was fun ^_^ Thanks everyone!

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早くSapporo KISSme会いたいです!

I’m surprised! Sapporo is cool~~
I want to meet Sapporo KISSme soon!
I’ll see you at tomorrow’s live show ^^

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When unwelcome people from your past suddenly show back up again.

Every time I see her name I feel anxious and unhappy. When she says something to me directly, I feel angry, distressed, trapped, depressed, and usually like an awful, incompetent person. You were part of a very bad part of my life, and I don’t like being reminded of it. My way of getting better is moving on. I can’t deal with you.

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I’m really happy to come to Osaka, it’s been a long time! Why~~(≧∇≦)So many came even though it was hot, thank you! Drink lots of water~ Waiting for the tour! See you later KISSme ♥

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Though it was hot today, thank you
I like you!!

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Eli and AJ at Hallyu Dream Concert in KyungChu 131006

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NH MEDIA announces the concept for "Don't Flirt":

  • Soo: *screams internally because he's too excited*
  • Hoon: My time has come to show my perfect body
  • Kiseop: Ditto Hoon
  • Eli: My time has come to do what I've been born to do, have sex and act manly
  • Jun: ..... *whispers* save me
  • Kevin: *faints while holding the bible close to his chest*

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