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I'm addicted to K-pop, so that's what this blog is all about. (My non-k-pop blog is nerdy-type.) This is mainly a U-KISS bias blog, but I also like EXO, Shinee, Teen Top, Infinite, Super Junior, Nu'est, BTS, Boys Republic, Fx, and B.A.P. None of the pictures or gifs I post are mine unless I specifically say they are.

About me: I'm in my 20s and I'm from the US. I work in a cubicle but I live in my own little world.

Baby talk~ talk~ talk~ to mee

Okinawas sunset^^

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오늘 하루종일 많은 축하 메세지 보내줘서 감사합니다! 키스미가 저희에게 얼마나 소중한 존재인지 다시 한번 느꼈던 하루였어요^^ 사랑해~

Thank you for sending us so many congratulatory messages today~ KISSme is really important to us. Saranghae!

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Thank u for all of your sweet messages, videos, pictures, etc. I realized once again how special KISSmes are to us^^ You guys are amazing<3

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100 more years with U-KISS? Haha Hope I get to meet every KISSme before I’m a hundred (≧∇≦)

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Kevin being his usual nice and supporting self…


Kevin being his usual nice and supporting self…

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Thank you so much today

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Good job at the NAGOYA show!! Thank you so much for supporting us so much~ We’ve done 32 performances! Awesome——Because KISSme is there we’ve been strong! Later.. Please support us at the OKINAWA show up to BUDOKAN!!!
KISSme I love you~~~~♡

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Thank you….!! Thank you…

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It’s the 6th anniversary of U-KISS’s debut! For 6 years we’ve been able to make every day happy with KISSme. I want to keep going with KISSme fore~ver. Let’s make lots of good memories! We do our best for KISSmes in Korea and Japan and the whole world!
I love you ♡ 

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그나저나… ㅎㅎ
테바사키 맛잇엇어요..ㅎㅎ
テバサキ おいしかった..ㅎㅎ

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